Sarah Karlin-Smith

Print Journalist @SarahKarlin

Sarah Karlin-Smith is a health care reporter at POLITICO, specializing in the policy and politics that affect the pharmaceutical industry and patient access to medicine. Based in Washington, DC, her work explores how government policies influence how drugs are developed, what diseases are prioritized by scientists, and who gets access to medicines and at what cost. Sarah also writes about complex bioethical topics like DNA editing of human embryos, dying patients’ access to experimental drugs, and how society regulates anti-aging drugs. Sarah has covered health care for seven years. Prior to joining POLITICO in 2015, she followed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and drug policy at The Pink Sheet and FDAnews. Sarah was selected for and attended a 2016 Harvard Medical School media fellowship on bioethics and, in 2014, was an Association of Health Care Journalists-National Library of Medicine Fellow. She graduated with special honors in journalism and mass communication from The George Washington University where she minored in American studies. During her junior year she spent a semester abroad in Ifrane, Morocco.