Serusha Govender


Serusha Govender is a freelance multimedia journalist, broadcaster, writer, and documentarian. She’s covered stories in more than twenty countries over five continents reporting for CNN Health, The Guardian, VICE, Huffington Post,, RealHealth Magazine, IPS Africa, and GOOD Magazine. Serusha specializes in covering health, science, and gender issues in the developing world and has reported extensively on the Ebola, Yellow Fever, and Zika virus outbreaks, both from the field and as a supervising editor while also training journalists to report accurately and ethically on disease outbreaks across Africa. She also assisted the WSFJ in building a toolbox for reporting on mental health and dementia in Sub-Saharan Africa. Serusha has master’s degrees from both Columbia University and Stellenbosch and is a former Reuters-Oxford fellow, and former journalist-in-residence at the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Belgium. She is loosely based out of Southern Africa.

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