Shamiso Yikoniko


Shamiso Yikoniko is an award-winning journalist for the weekly newspaper-The Sunday Mail. She joined the publication in 2010. She spent the past five years evangelising on empowerment and emancipation of rural people’s welfare and advancing health issues through her reporting. A calculated risk-taker with deep journalism knowledge, an energetic, ambitious lady who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes, or situation that she is presented with. Throughout her five-year tenure, Shamiso has built a reputation for integrity, innovation and growth in the industry. She is a holder of BA Honours Degree in English and Communication in which she was awarded a first class degree class and a book prize. As a way to enhance her career she also attained high grades in LCCI Diploma in Marketing and an Executive Certificate in Strategic Public Relations and Business Promotion. Currently she is studying for a Master of Science in International Relations.

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