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Sonia Narang is a multimedia journalist covering how a changing environment affects the lives of women and girls around the world. She recently reported stories about climate change in the South Pacific island nation of Fiji, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Japan, and northern Finland. Sonia's radio and video work, primarily from the Asia Pacific region, has aired on PRI's The World, BBC News, News Deeply, NPR, the New York Times, PBS, and others. Sonia draws upon her documentary film background to create character-driven video and radio portraits that reveal significant social and cultural issues. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley, and posts her photography work from around the world @sonianarang on Instagram and Twitter.



| Sonia Narang

Fijians speak from the front lines of climate change

We asked half a dozen Fijians about the threats to their country and their moment in the international spotlight. Maria Nailevu: This is really a big opportunity to showcase to the world the reality that…

| Sonia Narang

Life on the Front Line of Climate Change for Fiji’s Women and Girls

Fiji is already feeling the effects of a warming world, with high-intensity cyclones and flooding destroying livelihoods across the South Pacific. As with so many natural disasters, it’s women and girls who are hardest hit. Estelle,…

| Sonia Narang

Extreme weather is wreaking havoc on the lives of women farmers in Fiji

Sunila Wati arranges green beans and pumpkins at her farmer’s market booth in the town of Rakiraki. It’s almost all women selling fruits and vegetables here, and Wati chats with the market ladies in her…

| Sonia Narang

After Devastating Cyclone, Fiji Farmers Plant For A Changed Climate

Inside a bustling market in the north coast town of Tavua on Fiji’s largest island, farmer Adi Alesi Nacoba stacks her produce of the day. She carefully lays out eggplants, chilies, and papayas at her…

| Sonia Narang

Fiji’s Climate Champion Speaks Up for Women in the Wake of Cyclones

When a cyclone devastated Eta Tuvuki’s remote village in Fiji, she wanted to make sure women hit by extreme weather were being heard. Now she brings their concerns to decision makers in the capital and…