Stefanie Glinski

Freelance Journalist and Photographer

Stefanie Glinski is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Afghanistan whose work appears in The Guardian, Foreign Policy, LA Times, The National, The Economist, among others. Prior to living in Kabul, she worked as AFP’s photographer in South Sudan. She also reported from a number of countries and conflicts across Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Stefanie has been writing stories ever since she can remember and began freelancing for a local paper during school holidays at age 16. Her love for photography was passed on to her by her photographer father. Stefanie aims to break stereotypes with her work - whether of countries, people or gender. Her photo project in Afghanistan focuses on exactly that - changing perceptions of Afghan women and the roles society is attributing to them. She holds a Master's Degree in Journalism from City, University of London and speaks for languages, with the aim to additionally perfect Dari, one of the languages spoken across Afghanistan. Having lived in eight countries throughout her life, she usually - when not in Kabul - calls London home.

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