Stephanie Siek


Stephanie Siek works as a digital news producer for The Associated Press at its headquarters in New York. She's thrilled to make her first trip to Rwanda – and Africa – with the International Women's Media Foundation Great Lakes Reporting Initiative Fellowship Program. Stephanie plans to investigate the reach of mobile internet and social media outside Rwanda's capital; how it handles growing tourism at genocide memorial sites; and how the make-up of its parliament (about half of its members are women) affects educational and development policy. Previously she wrote about race, gender, sexuality and other identity issues for's In America blog, and enjoyed stints at Germany's Deutsche Welle English news website and Der Spiegel International, and at The Boston Globe. From 2008-2009 she researched multicultural and Afro-German identity as a Young American Journalist Fulbright grantee in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She's fascinated by unusual juxtapositions and contradictions, and is eager to explore those that are particular to Rwanda. Stephanie believes that who, what, where and when are fine questions, but that how and why yield the most interesting answers. A native of Cleveland, OH, she currently makes her home in Brooklyn, NY. She tweets as @TweetsNotTwits.

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