Suzie Anyuat Williams

Suzie Anyuat Williams is a South Sudan-based journalist. She has worked for Radio Good News, a church-based radio station in the western part of the country and has earned herself some good experience from the course of her job at the station. She loves to report on gender-based issues, education, children, politics, entertainment and the environment. She was recently working on a project with United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that targets nomadic cattle herders. Suzie has worked on some stories which include one where she reported about the rate of illiteracy in her community and was happy to see the impact her work has created in her community as people are increasingly beginning to take their children to school. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies at Victoria University in Uganda. Suzie is also a fellow with the IWMF's African Great Lakes In-Country Programming in South Sudan.

Reporting Locations