Tara Todras-Whitehill

Tara Todras-Whitehall is a photojournalist, multimedia storyteller and co-founder of Vignette Interactive, an innovative storytelling company. She is based in Istanbul, Turkey and documents stories of vulnerable populations, specifically focused on women and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. She was a staff photographer with the Associated Press for several years, during which time she documented the 2011 revolutions in Egypt and Libya. As a freelancer, she has worked with the NY Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed and Vanity Fair, among others. With Vignette Interactive she works with her team to create multimedia projects for NGOs such as UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee and Search for Common Ground. In 2016 she received a World Press Photo award for her work in Sierra Leone with the NY Times, and in 2017 she received a European Journalism Centre grant focused on abortion right. In October 2017, Tara received the James Foley Conflict Reporting award from the Online Journalism Awards. The IWMF has funded a project in South Africa and Mozambique to document lives of young women who will be affected by Trump’s re-instated Mexico City Policy.