Vicky Onelien

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Born on September 27, 1997, I am Jeanne Will Victoria ONELIEN, commonly known as Vicky Onelien in the artistic world. I did all my classical studies, at the institution of the Sacré-Coeur, from 2002 to 2017. In contact with visual art from the age of 8, I started with drawing and got into painting shortly. Passionate about art and eager to learn and improve myself, after my high school, I started fashion design. Wanting to make the approach professional, I went to Etracoupe, a haute couture school, for 18 months, which allowed me to do an internship at Haiti Fashion Week 2018 as a fashion designer. My great determination to explore artistic expressions and my desire to perfect my art led me to another path in my art journey . Artistic expression decried by society a few decades earlier, challenged, I turned to graffiti. I started there in 2020 with the platform "Street Art for Women" and the event called "Festi Graffiti". This change towards this new artistic expression, unusual for women, placed me as one of the first Haitian women to practice graffiti professionally. I started practicing visual art at a very early age and always with the idea of building my art, I also explored photography. I practiced it as an amateur until February 2021. Since this day, I went to "Le Centred'art Haïti" in order to practice it professionally. In contact with these different expressions, I ended up developing a concept bringing them all together and proposing a real artistic manifestation. It is in this opticthat I came up with the “Graffiti Wall Shooting” concept, bringing together two of my passions, namely graffiti and artistic photography. I launched this project in 2020. Two editions have already been produced. I participated as an artist and coordinator. I am learning digital painting, a new form of artistic expression, booming thanks to new technologies because I am convinced that art has no limits other than those imposed by the artist, so I I am committed to go beyond my limits, daily, to take full advantage of the freedom that my art offers me.

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