Wendy Wei


Wendy Wei is a Chicago-based freelance journalist and audio producer. She is the Immigration Editor at South Side Weekly, a print alt-weekly serving the South Side of Chicago, where she covers migration and interracial solidarity between communities of color. Wendy explores how migrants are pitted against other marginalized groups to compete over scarce resources – whether that be in Darfur or Chicago. Previously, she worked as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for refugee response projects in the Middle East and East Africa, and did a short stint as a political science PhD student at MIT before returning to on-the-ground reporting. Wendy has held fellowships with the Chicago Reader Racial Justice Writers Room and Juneteenth Productions' Change Agents podcast. In 2023, she was a finalist in the Chicago Journalists Association's Sarah Brown Boyden Award for Features. Wendy is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Sciences Po Paris.

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