Yakeen Bido


Broadcast journalist Yakeen Bido spent her early years in Idleb moving between her hometown and Latakia during the onset of Syrian war in 2011. Following her studies in sociology, Yakeen returned to Idleb, and for five years she’s reported on political, military and humanitarian issues enduring violent interrogations, smear campaigns and multiple arrests. Bido has contributed to outlets including Orient TV, Al-kul Radio, BBC TV, Damascus Voice Radio, France 24 and ANA Press Agency. Syria ranks 174 out of 180 countries in the RSF 2020 Global Press Freedom Index, but Bido continues to report on-camera – she is the first woman to broadcast from the region. Risking her life from the frontlines, Yakeen faces death threats from Assad regime-supporters due to her identification as a woman and role as a journalist. Yakeen has previously been awarded International Women's Day honors from the Head of Coordination of the Syrian Revolution in Turkish Urfa, in recognition of her work in the press and pioneering role in society.

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