Yemile Bucay

Yemile Bucay is an independent researcher and journalism strategist in New York. She currently works on Election SOS, a collaboration of Hearken, Trusting News and the American Press Institute to meet journalists’ critical information needs around election coverage. In the past, she worked as a research strategist for NewsQ, an initiative of Hacks/Hackers and CUNY to improve the quality of news that surfaces on social media platforms. Prior to joining NewsQ, Bucay managed NewsGuard’s editorial operations in France and Italy. Earlier in her career, she was a Global Migration Reporting Fellow at Columbia where she reported on the intersection of immigration and gender, with a focus on law and policy. Bucay has worked as a journalist and documentary producer in Mexico and France, and has conducted research in those countries as well as in Syria and in Italy. Her work has appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review, Broadly, Newsweek, Tablet, and Rest of World. She has also taught as an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia. Bucay received a B.A. in Humanities from Yale University, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia Journalism School. "I love that this fellowship aims to teach people underrepresented in safety training, as it means that the fellowship will be attuned to the threats that women, non-binary people, and other underrepresented folk face in our work. One of the challenges I found in the approach to safety training in journalism school, was that it at times relied on traditional biases when assessing who is a threat and when advising where to find safety, without recognizing that for some folks, the safest place in a protest may not be with police."

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