Zoila Antonio Benito


Zoila Antonio Benito is a Peruvian journalist based in Lima. She specializes in music, gender and fact-checking. She produces reports and interviews from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Peru. Also, she participates in transnational investigations. The lastest is dedicated to investigate the labor rights of women and LGBTIQ+ community. Zoila has been participated in the book “Sabor peruano: musical journey through the land of the Incas” (University of Guadalajara, 2021). She is member of 5th generation of Young Journalist from Distintas Latitudes (Mexico), Dialoga’s network from IACHR and Feminist network from Latin America and the Caribbean. Zoila is director of La Antígona, a Peruvian journalistic platform that visibilize women and LGBTIQ + community in the country. Winner of grant Fondo de Respuesta Rápida by Chicas Poderosas and Internews, and finalist of GNI Startups Hispanoamérica by Sembramedia and Google News Initiative.

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