This June and July, grab your laptops and your phones and join us for Digital Safety Snacks!

Journalists are increasingly expected to have an online presence and to participate in social media, which exposes them to abuse. Reporters from marginalized groups, such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people, are particularly vulnerable. Abusive trolls join forces to send hateful messages, impersonate others, hack accounts, and publish sensitive personal information (aka doxing). Their ultimate goal is to intimidate, discredit, and silence journalists, as well as to undercut press freedom.

The International Women’s Media Foundation, PEN America, and the Online News Association have teamed up to create instructional videos and hands-on workshops. We’ll go over how to keep hackers out of your most sensitive accounts and how to dox yourself before someone else does. We want to help you feel safer and more secure while still maintaining the public profile required for your job.

Join the Digital Safety Snacks workshops

Upcoming: Thursday July 28

Don’t Forget Insta, LinkedIn, and Cell Phone Hygiene

In this interactive workshop, we’ll work through the content of Episodes 7 and 8, help you if you get stuck, and answer any questions. 


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