Election 2020: Women Journos on the Ground

Political tension in the U.S. is reaching a fever pitch, with the 2020 election cycle as a central focus. With accusations of “fake news” and growing hostility towards the media, journalists – especially women – are facing attacks and harassment both in person and online.

Safety is a precondition to gender equity in the news media. These attacks not only threaten women’s safety but contribute to the lack of women on the political beat and drive promising female journalists out of the profession entirely. Women journalists produce just 34 percent of U.S. election coverage – leaving political reporting told largely from the white male perspective. Whose 2020 story are you getting?

As reporting on politics heats up, the IWMF is focusing its work on the safety of women journalists on the beat. In addition to hosting safety trainings throughout the U.S., we are following a team of women journalists from national news outlets who demonstrate what it means to be a political reporter in 2020. Through November, we’ll share their experiences on the trail, perspectives on press freedom, ways to ensure safety, and advice for young reporters.

Meet the cohort below and stay tuned to this page for updates!

Meet our cohort!