FAQs – Women in Politics and Media

What is the frequency and duration of workshops?

Each online session will last about 2-3 hours. This program contains 90 hours of online zoom sessions over the course of two years. We will determine the frequency of workshops together, while considering participants’ scheduling restrictions (childcare, elder care, job load) in each country.

Will all workshops be held online? 

Yes, for the duration of the global Coronavirus pandemic and as long as it is unsafe to gather a group of people physically in one place, all workshops will be held online. 

What will be the expected outcomes of the online bimonthly coalition meetings?

The expected outcomes of the bimonthly meetings are to strengthen networks and collaboration between women in these two sectors, politics and media.

Should I send my application in English [or Spanish or Swahili or Tamil or Sinhala]?

Please send in your application in whichever language you feel most comfortable. 

Is there a minimum-maximum length for the CV?

No there is no minimum or maximum length. Please send your most current, updated CV.

Should references be from former/current hierarchical superiors or could they also be from colleagues?

References can be from either superiors or from colleagues. 

Who can I reach for further information?

Please send questions to gender@ndi.org