First aid in the field: Skills for journalists covering protests

U.S.-based journalists are facing unprecedented challenges to report. Amid civil unrest, a hostile political environment, and growing distrust of the media, journalists are putting their physical safety at risk to report the truth.

This webinar from the IWMF, led by RPS Partnership’s Cath Mossom, covered casualty assessment, CPR and first aid including managing wounds, chest injuries and head injuries. Particular attention was paid to injuries journalists have received during recent protests, as well as administering first aid safely in a pandemic.

The IWMF’s United States Journalism Emergency Fund directly supports U.S. journalists in need so they can resume work essential to our functioning democracy. Made available to U.S. based journalists regardless of gender (including male identifying), these funds will support journalists with immediate and long-term needs related to their professional work. The fund focuses on journalists targeted as a result of their reporting at events related to the highly charged political unrest and polarization in the U.S., including but not limited to elections, civil movements and other challenging environments. Journalists can apply to the fund here.