There are many ways to get involved with the International Women’s Media Foundation and make a difference for women journalists world-wide. And it’s easy: With just a few clicks, you can make a donation, volunteer time, support our advocacy efforts, spread our messages via social media, or subscribe to receive regular updates from us.
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    Ways To Give

    The International Women’s Media Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit 501(C)3 organization based in the United States. Our mission is to strengthen women’s journalism worldwide, through training, research and recognition of individual courage. The IWMF is funded by individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors who share our passion for a strong free press inclusive of women’s perspectives. We all benefit when women are equally represented in the newsroom.


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    One way of supporting the IWMF and its mission is to become an advocate on behalf of the women we support. There are endless ways to do this – talking to your friends and family about the importance of press freedom and gender equality, sharing a link to the IWMF website on your Facebook wall, retweeting our Twitter messages, standing up for women journalists who are pursuing their profession under dangerous circumstances.


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    Every year, the IWMF organizes and participates in a variety of events that bring together thought-leaders, raise funds, introduce inspiring women journalists, tell untold stories, and present IWMF activities and their results.
    Please check back frequently to find out about upcoming IWMF events. You can join many of our events from anywhere in the world via Twitter and live video streaming.


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    Social Media

    The IWMF has an active presence in the social media sphere where we have built networks that span the entire globe. Join our growing social media communities, learn about the issues we care about, share your thoughts with us, and participate in the conversation.


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    If you are interested in regular updates from the IWMF, would like to receive invitations to IWMF events, or want to make sure to be on the IWMF’s press list, please share your contact information with us.


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    Through its training programs, the IWMF offers a variety of opportunities for women journalists. We also promote unique opportunities of our partner organizations. Make sure to check back regularly.


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    Contact Us

    The IWMF welcomes questions, comments, suggestions, compliments, and complaints, and we strive to respond to them as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


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