Corporate Partnerships

The IWMF is launching a new corporate partnership program in order to create deeper engagement opportunities and recognition across publication, event and online platforms. Corporate partners will enjoy a menu of benefits along with triple bottom line social impact as together we improve the future for women journalists, strengthen media organizations and inform the public with better news content.

Types of available partnerships include:

  • Shared Value Partnerships benefit all parties involved by creating bottom line value for both the IWMF and corporate partner.
  • Program Partnerships create opportunities for corporations to take the lead on addressing issues of interest to their employees and other stakeholders.
  • Event Sponsors are responsible for funding the IWMF’s core operating budget by supporting the annual Courage awards in New York City and Los Angeles. Events are currently being designed to address issues as disparate as security for women journalists and policies to support women’s advancement in the newsroom.
  • Research Partners are needed for:
    • an update of the first-ever global research on the status of women in media
    • research on the correlation between women’s status in the newsroom and the inclusion of women’s perspectives in the news
    • groundbreaking global research on issues of security that are particular to women journalists

Corporate partners

Corporate partners will enjoy a menu of benefits depending on their level of engagement

Mission alignment

Mission alignment can occur across a broad array of issues, including leadership development, global media research, entrepreneurship and reporting opportunities on select, under-reported international issues