One Time Gifts

Your gift will help the IWMF address its core issues of equality, security and ownership for women journalists all over the world. There are many ways for you to become a supporter of truth-telling worldwide. Please consider giving a gift in honor of or in memory of one of the brave women taking risks every day to bring us the news.

You can also send a check to: IWMF, 1625 K St. NW, Suite 1275, Washington DC 20006

Or contact us for more information.

A Woman’s Way: Create a Circle of Friends

Women get things done together – in fact, that’s the IWMF story. Today, we are expanding our programs in security, leadership and digital entrepreneurship. Please consider getting together with your friends to make a tangible difference.

When 10 women get together to give $25 a month each, the collective $3,000 gift makes a big impact on our ability to meet the growing demand for our work.

Recurring Monthly Gifts

We can help you manage your giving or your circle’s giving by setting up convenient monthly credit card payments. Please contact us for more information.

Make a Gift of Stock

This is a favorite of holiday giving for maximum impact: turn your stock into an investment in women globally by supporting a free and informed press.

It may be to your advantage to make a gift of appreciated stock rather than cash in order to:

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased value of the stock, and
  • Receive an income-tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the stock at the time of the gift.

Here’s how it works. If you purchased stock for $500, and its value has increased to $5,000, your gift of stock will allow you to take a charitable deduction of $5,000. You will not have to pay tax on the $4,500 increased value.

You qualify for these tax advantages if you have owned the stock for more than a year. The gift must be postmarked by December 31 to qualify.

Here is how to make the transfer:

If you hold the stock certificate, you can send it unendorsed in an envelope to:

1625 K St. NW, Ste. 1275
Washington, DC 20006

In a separate envelope to the same address, send a signed, but otherwise blank, stock power form.

Once you have arranged for your transfer, please contact the IWMF to alert us of the stock transfer: 202-496-1992. This will ensure proper recognition of your generous gift.


Attend an IWMF Courage in Journalism Award ceremony in New York or Los Angeles.