By placing focus on underreported stories and coverage of marginalized communities, we enable inclusive, award-winning and transformative reporting.

We fund coverage of underreported issues, often those that disproportionately affect historically marginalized communities. Our reporting initiatives enabled journalists to produce 340 stories in 124 global media outlets in 2022, offering nuanced coverage of complex topics including LGBTQI+ issues, global health and gender justice.

The impact of our fellows and grantees’ reporting is widespread. In 2022 alone:

  • Fund for Women Journalists grantees Makepeace Sitlhou and Ninglun Hanghal brought attention to the refugee crisis in Mizoram, the Indian state bordering Myanmar, prompting state authorities to address and escalate the issue at the national level. 
  • Global Health Reporting Initiative fellow Anahí Cazas wrote the first accurate investigation and explanation of Bolivian Indigenous group The Red Ponchos’ hesitancy around the COVID-19 vaccine, resulting in more informed government outreach to Indigenous communities.
  • Fund for Women Journalists grantees Alison Killing and Megha Rajagopalan exposed U.S. fashion brand ties to forced labor in the Xinjiang province, leading to response and investigation by the brands.

Learn more about our community’s impact in our 2022 round-up and our 2021 Impact Report.

At a time when reporters who spotlight undertold stories and hold power to account are still attacked or persecuted, our fellows persist in producing stories that run in top outlets — and fill an unmet need for content from a broad range of perspectives.