We are built to support who you are, because promoting the work and advancing the role of women, nonbinary, LGBTQI+ and BIPOC journalists is critical to advancing transparency and diversity in the news media.

As the global news media remains susceptible to and reflective of broader societal biases, the IWMF works to build a more equitable news media across all intersections, including gender, race, sexual orientation, ability and class.

Journalists should be able to bring their entire identity into the newsroom – their reporting is better for it. Further, we believe that rebuilding trust in the media is contingent on audiences seeing themselves represented in the bylines they consume.

Our programs and initiatives seek to build informed, nuanced coverage of issues through better representation of historically marginalized communities. We also work to provide opportunities, resources and training to help journalists and their newsrooms prevent burnout and career drop-off to keep more women, LGBTQI+ and BIPOC journalists in the industry.

News consumers must also demand bylines from a diversity of journalists. The IWMF encourages audiences to #CheckYourBylines by not only knowing who creates the news you already consume, but by seeking out news by and about people with underrepresented identities.