Women journalists are attacked, harassed and threatened — in person and online — every day.

Every day, women journalists are killed, assaulted, threatened and defamed – all for simply pursuing the truth. To help journalists stay safe, IWMF provides much-needed Hostile Environment and First-Aid Training along with hands-on experience in reporting in regions where safety can be an issue.

Sexual harassment in the media industry has long been a problem, and in today’s challenging environment online attacks aimed at women reporters are growing. Both can result in women declining assignments or leaving the industry altogether. IWMF provided seed money for TrollBusters, an NGO that works to end digital harassment of women journalists, and partners with them to gather data about this problem and engage other partners in combatting it.

Journalists can tap IWMF’s Emergency Fund for help with legal and medical bills and our library of trauma-informed care resources, so they can heal and move forward.