Lessons Learned from Journalists Covering Global Pandemics

From Ebola to Zika to COVID-19, covering pandemics and other health crises are one of many ways that journalists put their own safety on the line.

In this webinar, journalists from Hong Kong and Italy shared their experience covering COVID-19, and journalists who reported on past global outbreaks spoke about lessons learned. A public health expert and trauma expert also joined the session to touch on the history of pandemic coverage and caring for mental health during an outbreak, respectively.


  • Nadia Shira Cohen, freelance photojournalist
  • Rebecca Kaplan, Cain Fellow at Science History Institute
  • Jane Li, reporter at Quartz
  • Clair MacDougall, independent journalist
  • Kate Porterfield, PhD, Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine