Our Issues

Founded in 1990 by a group of prominent U.S. women journalists, the International Women’s Media Foundation is a Washington-based organization that is dedicated to strengthening the role of women journalists worldwide. In its work, the IWMF focuses on the following issues:
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    Press Freedom

    Many countries lack not just a right to freedom of the press, but any semblance of the rule of law. Governments and other powerbrokers see the press as a threat and often target journalists with violence, intimidation and imprisonment to silence them. Yet, more often than not, we get the truth about what is happening in the world from journalists who are willing to put themselves at risk in order to report the truth.


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    Women’s Leadership

    If news content is the final outcome of a series of steps involving the participation of a number of individuals, what then is the role of women in determining and shaping the news agenda? Who decides how many stories are by women and feature women as pivotal subjects in news operations? The IWMF provides women journalists the training necessary to become decision-makers within their news organizations.


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    Women are critically underrepresented in digital news media ownership, with limited access to financing and training as two key obstacles. The IWMF’s Women Entrepreneurs grant programs tackle this disparity head on by providing women journalists seed funding and coaching, giving them essential tools to establish themselves as media entrepreneurs. through our entrepreneurship programs, we aim to diversify the digital news media landscape and shrink the gender gap in ownership.


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    Journalist Safety

    Every year, women journalists are killed, assaulted, threatened and defamed – all in pursuit of the truth. The IWMF takes a stand against heavy-handed brutality designed to silence the truth by providing much-needed emergency assistance, research about the problem, awareness raising and preventative security training for women journalists.