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Women are critically underrepresented in digital news media ownership, with limited access to financing and training as two key obstacles. The IWMF’s Women Entrepreneurs grant programs tackle this disparity head on by providing women journalists seed funding and coaching, giving them essential tools to establish themselves as media entrepreneurs. Through our entrepreneurship programs, we aim to diversify the digital news media landscape and shrink the gender gap in ownership.


“A mere four percent of venture funding goes to women — and a tiny percentage of that tiny percentage goes to women of color. These statistics prove the real obstacles facing women journalists who want to change the future of digital news via entrepreneurship.”

– Lisa Stone, Co-Founder of BlogHer, former IWMF Board member
  • LaraSetrakian-thn Women Entrepreneurs in Digital News – Lara Setrakianby Erin Luhmann April 2, 2013 – American correspondent Lara Setrakian had secured her dream broadcast job in the Middle East. She broke coverage on a hidden treasure trove harboring museum-grade art in Iran worth $3 billion. She also interviewed the elusive Somali president when scares of pirate attacks off the East African coast dominated …

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  • KellyVirella-thn Women Entrepreneurs in Digital News – Kelly Virellaby Erin Luhmann April 2, 2013 – Kelly Virella was born in Alabama in 1975. Her childhood county desegregated schools in 1970. Looking back, Virella, a nationally recognized black journalist now based in New York, considers herself lucky. Luck, however, had nothing to do with her recent achievement as one of the IWMF’s 2013 Women …

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  • SusieCagle-thn Women Entrepreneurs in Digital News – Susie Cagleby Erin Luhmann March 29, 2013 – When the Occupy movement hit Oakland, California, in 2011, Susie Cagle immersed herself in scenes of public protest – camera, notebook and Twitter feed at hand. At this point, she had been editing and freelancing for more than eight years, but authorities didn’t take her role as an …

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  • women-tech-thn Women in Tech: The Case of Adria RichardsMarch 22, 2013 – For those who are unfamiliar with the storm that has hit social media and the blogosphere earlier this week and is now quickly gaining traction in mainstream media as well, here’s a quick summary: Adria Richards, a software developer at SendGrid, was attending a convention for the programming language Python last …

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  • Rehman-thn Interview with Teresa Rehman, founder of The Thumb PrintJune 19, 2012 — Indian journalist Teresa Rehman says she is “living a dream” by working on her new entrepreneurial venture. Rehman started The Thumb Print, an international news magazine based in Northeast India. The online magazine helps shed light on the often under-reported stories from the region, Rehman says. “Unveiling the mystifying facets of …

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