The Coalition Against Online Violence was established in July 2020 and has grown into a global network of over 70 nonprofit organizations, news outlets, research institutes, and tech companies. While a vast majority of the Coalition supports journalists, fact-checkers, and other media professionals, Coalition members also provide assistance to activists, artists, politicians, researchers, human rights defenders, and other at-risk populations.

Together, Coalition members aim to provide effective solutions for women journalists and others facing online abuse, harassment, and digital attacks. Founded by the International Women’s Media Foundation, the Coalition not only focuses on finding solutions for online violence but also provides collective support for journalists, bolsters digital security, and empowers the news media to ensure the safety of journalists online.

The Coalition aims to:

  • Increase and improve coordination between organizations addressing online abuse across different sectors.
  • Amplify – not duplicate – the efforts of peer organizations.
  • Respond promptly to online attacks.
  • Create crucial resources and an easily accessible online hub to provide comprehensive support for individuals facing online abuse.

The Coalition operates under the guidance of an elected advisory committee, with each member responsible for one of the five working groups:

  • Assistance
  • Research and knowledge sharing
  • Newsroom advocacy
  • Platforms advocacy
  • Legal/regulations advocacy

In July 2021, the CAOV launched the Online Violence Response Hub, a comprehensive resource center designed to assist journalists and allies in accessing support. The Hub consolidates over 150 resources from Coalition members, focusing on various critical areas for journalists and newsrooms, such as:

  • Digital security training
  • Documentation and reporting of abuse
  • Emergency assistance
  • Newsrooms protocols
  • Strategies for responding to abuse
  • Legal support

Support for the CAOV is provided by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the Emerson Collective, the Knight Foundation, and Luminate.

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CAOV 2024 Mapping Report

The Mapping Report, released by the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), provides an overview of the Coalition Against Online Violence (CAOV) and its member organizations. The report offers valuable insights on solutions for women journalists facing online abuse, harassment, and other forms of digital attack.