Global data on the many security and equity questions relevant to women in journalism is almost nonexistent. How many women lead in the newsroom? How safe are women journalists in the field? How can women pursue ownership of new media platforms to deliver the news? The IWMF is working to fill significant gaps in our knowledge of these issues so that we can address them effectively:
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    Status of Women in the News Media

    There is abundant evidence of underrepresentation of women as subjects of coverage, but until the publication of the Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media, there were no reliable, comprehensive data on which to make a clear determination about where women currently fit into the news-making operation or in the decision-making or ownership structure of their companies.


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    Journalist Safety

    Every year, women journalists are killed, assaulted, threatened and defamed – all in pursuit of the truth. They do it in defense of their societies, bearing witness in countries where media are not free. Many of these women face not only the implicit dangers of hostile environments, but cultural and social prejudices that would keep them silent.