Alli Joseph

Alli Joseph is a seasoned multi-media journalist, documentary filmmaker, branding expert and family historian. A [sic] Native New Yorker, she is a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation. As a writer, producer, educator, and on-camera talent, Alli carries her late mother’s matrilineal indigenous storytelling traditions for her children and those of her biography subjects. She is a contributing editor and on-camera host for, and has worked for networks like NBC, CBS News, Vh1 and Food Network, as well the agencies Grey and Ogilvy Mather. A McCormick Tribute Foundation Fellow and consulting faculty member of the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, Alli also teaches primary school to post-graduate entrepreneurial journalism. She produced the forthcoming PBS documentary CONSCIENCE POINT (Independent Lens, November 2019), always using the nuances found in human stories to strike a tone. Her favorite people to interview are nonagenarians, whose lives were so different from our own.