Claudia Gonzalez

Program Coordinator
Claudia Gonzalez joined the IWMF in 2017 as a program coordinator. She divides her time between the IWMF’s Latin America Reporting Initiative, Adelante, the African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative, and the Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship. When she’s not organizing or implementing reporting trips, Claudia moonlights as a yoga teacher and leads trauma-informed yoga classes for the IWMF community. She is a proud member of the IWMF #bikegang and a true millennial who loves to eat avocado toast.


A commitment to gender equality is what led Claudia to the IWMF. She began her career at Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa (AGE Africa), an organization that supports young women’s access to secondary education in Malawi.


Claudia completed her bachelor’s degree in International Studies, focused on International Development, and her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Latin American Area Studies at American University. She holds a Certificate in Spanish Translation and speaks Spanish and German.
Photo by Celia Talbot Tobin.