Danni Ebanks-Ingram

Danni (They/them) has a multidisciplinary practice consisting of performance art, community engagement, producing while touching on elements of queerness and blackness. Throughout Danni’s work there is a clear connection to understanding and exploring aspects that underpin our society such as; economics, socio-political and environmental elements of life.

Currently Danni is a Co-Founder & the Creative Engagement at CIVIC SQUARE; a public square, neighbourhood lab, and creative + participatory platform focused on regenerative civic and social infrastructure within neighbourhoods. CIVIC SQUARE works alongside the local neighbourhood, to offer a bold approach to visioning, building and investing in civic infrastructure for neighbourhoods of the future.

“This committee acknowledges the gaps and risks within the current structures of safety training, with this, it allows us to develop a more inclusive, empowered and confident community of trainers, who know the impact of their identity.”