Divya Tewari

Program Coordinator


Divya eagerly joins the IWMF team with a long background in youth-centered programming. From year-round instructor to afterschool activities to coaching and more, Divya strives for holistic programming that protects and nurtures the agency and well-being of every child and teen.

Spending summers at Cambodian Women for Peace and Development (CWPD) and Project Soar Morocco, organizations diligent in increasing women and girls’ health and safety through material access and resources, Divya feels indebted to these working individuals for their energy, space, knowledge and warmth offered in their time there.

Most recently, they found home in Washington DC building support networks with other queer and trans folks, especially in regards to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Whether working in a school or collaborating with peers, their values are grounded in centering systems-impacted groups, redistribution, and transformative justice.

Divya was raised in the Finger Lakes, New York and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. In their free-time, Divya enjoys cooking for others, playing basketball, and reading.