Megan Janetsky

I’m Megan Janetsky, Cuba and Caribbean Correspondent for The Associated Press, based in Havana, Cuba. Previously I was based in Colombia, working as a freelance reporter/photographer covering migration, armed conflict, health issues, human rights and politics across Latin America. I’ve worked with The New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Poynter, El País, Al Jazeera, USA Today and more. I grew up in Arizona, where the topic of migration was omnipresent in news and politics, but was often deeply misunderstood. In 2018, I moved to Colombia to cover the exodus from Venezuela. Today, my goal as a journalist is to connect untold human stories to politics and policy. In my day-to-day, I can usually be found riding my bike or eating questionable street food.