Stephanie Holladay

Senior Development Manager


Stephanie Holladay is IWMF’s Senior Development Manager, supporting the fundraising and strategic cultivation efforts of the organization. She works closely with IWMF’s Executive Director to guarantee IWMF’s financial health and organizational success.

Stephanie came to IWMF in September 2019 after five years at a literacy nonprofit in southwest Virginia. Her experience working with mostly female refugee and immigrant adults shaped her interest in IWMF’s mission-based work that promotes gender equity and press freedom worldwide. While pursuing her master’s in Applied Anthropology, Stephanie studied the intersection of nonprofit agencies and individual philanthropy. She believes in the combined potential of these ideas to produce sustainable and positive social change.

Along with working at IWMF, Stephanie is a new parent and spends most of her free time with her family—her husband, three rescue pups, and new baby boy.