Susan King

UNC Hussman School of Journalism & Media

Susan King is active on nonprofit boards and advises journalism, communication and philanthropy institutions. She is Dean emeritus of UNC Hussman School of Journalism & Media.

As Dean at UNC, Chapel Hill, she held a distinguished professorship and taught courses in journalism, media leadership, and the implications of the media revolution on communicationsand American society.  She has served at the highest levels of Higher Education, Philanthropy and Government, as  Assistant Secretary of Labor and Vice President of Carnegie Corporation of New York.  For twenty years King was a journalist in Washington, DC in both local and national news and served as White House correspondent for ABC News.

Along with women colleagues in Washington, she founded the International Women’s Media Foundation in 1990, recognized today as one of journalism’s key free press nonprofits. She is on IWMF’s advisory committee and active in its global grant giving process.  King and the other founders were honored with the foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.