Press Freedom Speaker Series

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Over the past 31 years, the IWMF has been fortunate to mentor, train and celebrate the bravest and most nuanced voices in news media. Together, we’ve built a community of women who make our news feeds more diverse and balanced, driving forward critical change in the journalism industry. This change feels more important now than ever, which is why we’re bringing you directly into our community!

The IWMF’s Press Freedom Speaker Series brings together thought leaders and experts to discuss the intersection of news media, gender equity and diversity. In a series of virtual conversations, we’ll take on some of the most pressing issues in journalism – and for democracy at large. You’ll hear from the changemakers and groundbreakers who inspire us to push our work forward, and who will leave you with key takeaways about our evolving news media landscape.

Find information about upcoming and past events below – we hope to see you online soon!

Upcoming Events

A Lifetime of Bravery: Then and Now
October 27, 2020 | 1pm EDT

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The IWMF has been celebrating the bravery of women journalists around the world for 30 years. While the challenges have evolved over three decades, women journalists still face barriers to report the truth.

In conversation with IWMF co-founder Susan King, hear from previous Courage in Journalism Award winners Catherine Gicheru (1992), Claudia Duque (2010) and Janine di Giovanni (2016) about what’s changed for women journos in the past 30 years, and where we go from here. Register

Past Event Recordings

October 2020: Women Reporting on the Frontlines in the U.S.

Throughout months of protests for racial justice in the United States, journalists have remained on the ground bringing vital reporting to the American public. Covering this unrest takes mental, physical and emotional tolls: since protests began, more than 800 journalists have reported experiencing aggression from law enforcement or civilians, and nearly 200 have been attacked. PBS Senior National Correspondent Amna Nawaz spoke with two recipients of the IWMF’s U.S. Journalism Emergency Fund – freelancer Vanessa Charlot and AJ+’s Cydney Tucker – about what it’s like to be a woman journalist of color on the frontlines of civil unrest in the U.S.

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September 2020: “Shrill.” “Ambitious.” “Electable?” Coverage of Women in the 2020 Campaign

With a historic Vice Presidential candidate and more women running for office, how can journalists cover women fairly on the 2020 campaign trail? Hosted in partnership with The Press Forward, this event discussed how to change the media narrative around women candidates in 2020. Moderated by Dr. Gracie Lawson-Borders, Dean of Howard University’s School of Communication, the panel included Time’s Up Now President and CEO Tina Tchen, Bloomberg Head of Editorial Standards Laura Zelenko, and Wall Street Journal national politics reporter Sabrina Siddiqui.

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July 2020: A Seat at the Table: Building Inclusion into Political Reporting

Held in partnership with The 19th, July’s Press Freedom Speaker Series event focused on the importance of diversity in political reporting. The 19th, a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy, is transforming the way news is told. In conversation with IWMF Executive Director Elisa Lees Muñoz, The 19th’s co-founder Emily Ramshaw, editor-at-large Errin Haines and editor-in-chief Andrea Valdez discussed their revolutionary work in bringing an intersectional lens to political journalism.

June 2020: “A Silenced Voice: The Life of Journalist Kim Wall”

Kim’s parents, Ingrid and Joachim Wall, joined the IWMF and PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff for a conversation on the Walls’ book, “A Silenced Voice: The Life of Journalist Kim Wall.” Since Kim’s murder, Ingrid and Joachim have worked to secure Kim’s legacy as a skilled and passionate journalist and as a bright, funny, complicated, ethical, and selfless young woman, through their touching book. Together, they shared how we can carry forward Kim’s legacy and prioritizes empathetic, nuanced coverage through the lens of current events.