2018 Opportunities with the IWMF

The media is not truly free and representative without the equal voice of women. Through our programs and grants we empower women journalists with the training, opportunities, and support to become leaders in the news industry. The IWMF offers women journalists a wide range of opportunities to grow as media professionals, gain reporting experience, publish projects, and be recognized for remarkable work. Please find all of our upcoming opportunities listed below. Note: All travel dates are subject to change.

Kim Wall Memorial Fund

Beginning this year, one $5,000 reporting grant will be awarded annually to a female journalist whose reporting carries forward the legacy of Kim Wall, whose work focused on subcultures and the “undercurrents of rebellion”. Please read the application guidelines carefully.

Applications open from January 11 through February 2, 2018

Underreported Stories Grant

The IWMF’s Underreported Stories Grants is a new funding initiative to support journalism produced by women journalists on underreported issues around the world. This round of funding will support journalism covering the issue of forced labor in the U.S. agriculture sector in Texas.

Applications open from December 19 through January 19, 2018

Emergency Fund

The IWMF Emergency Fund was established in 2013 to provide women journalists with a lifeline of support in times of crisis. Now more than ever, journalists around the world face real dangers as a result of their reporting. The Emergency Fund has distributed nearly $75,000 to women who risk their safety, welfare, and freedom to report the news. The Emergency Fund is sustained with the support of individual supporters.

Africa Great Lakes Reporting Initiative

Nina Strochlic at the National Archives of South Sudan.

Nina Strochlic at the National Archives of South Sudan.

The IWMF designed the African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative to support journalists committed to pursuing stories that go beyond the well-established path of political instability, armed conflicts, and humanitarian crisis in the region. Between 2015-2018, the IWMF will continue to lead groups of women journalists to the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, and provide training and support for in-country journalists. These efforts include essential security training to help journalists stay safe in the field.

Applications Closed


Adelante Reporting Initiative


IMG_0299Through this new reporting initiative, the IWMF seeks to reshape traditional media narratives and increase reporting by and about women in Latin America. Over the next five years, the Adelante initiative will provide unique opportunities for 270 women journalists including year-long, in-country fellowships and international reporting trips in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Mexico-United States border. Reporting fellows will produce in-depth stories on themes including democracy and governance, immigration, agricultural development, economic opportunity, expanded technology access, women’s rights and development, education, and conservation. Check out FAQs hereEncuentre información adicional en español aquí y respuestas a preguntas frecuentes sobre el programa aquí.

Applications Closed


Fund for Women Journalists


The Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists enables the IWMF to dramatically expand its support of women journalists. Promoting the work and advancing the role of women in the news media across the globe is critical to transparency and the diversity of voices. The Fund will award $2.3 million to women journalists over the next ten years and will support projects including educational opportunities, investigative reporting and media development initiatives.

Applications Closed

Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories

PC Alberto Elenes

PC Alberto Elenes

The IWMF’s Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories, sponsored by The Secular Society, is a funding initiative supporting journalism produced by and about women. In an era of increased globalization, the need for varied coverage of gendered topics is critical to a free and representative press. These grants will be a catalyst for reporting on untold stories surrounding issues that impact women and girls’ daily lives worldwide.

Applications are Open from Dec. 14, 2017 –  through Jan. 19, 2018!


Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship


The IWMF’s Elizabeth Neuffer fellowship provides a unique academic and professional opportunity for women journalists focusing on human rights and social justice reporting. Created in honor of Elizabeth Neuffer, The Boston Globe correspondent and 1998 IWMF Courage in Journalism Award winner. Neuffer died while reporting in Iraq in 2003. The eight-month fellowship combines research at MIT with journalism internships at The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

2017 Applications Closed


Anja Niedringhaus Award


The Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award was created to honor the life and work of Courage in Journalism honoree and Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014). The Award celebrates the courage of women photojournalists who capture conflict and crisis while sharing moments of humanity.

2018 nominations open! Submit by January 19, 2018


Courage in Journalism Awards


Credit: Peter Nicholls Helmand, Afghanistan, 2010 – Janine di Giovanni while embedded with British troops in Sangin Province.

Credit: Peter Nicholls

Helmand, Afghanistan, 2010 – Janine di Giovanni while embedded with British troops in Sangin Province.

The Courage in Journalism Award has honored women journalists who set themselves apart by their extraordinary bravery and the Lifetime Achievement Award is given in recognition of media industry pioneers who kick down barriers to equality and justice. Since 1990, the IWMF has honored more than 100 women journalists from over 50 countries.

Help us continue to honor the brave work of women journalists around the world by nominating a journalist today.

Nominations open in English, Spanish, French, and Russian available on the IWMF’s Submittable page