LGBTQI+ and Women’s Rights Reporting Initiative in Latin America


¡Exprésate! is the IWMF’s LGBTQI+ and Women’s Rights Reporting Initiative in Latin America that seeks to support the production of high-quality journalism by and about women and members of the LGBTQI+ communities in El Salvador and Guatemala. Established with a two-year grant from the Foundation for a Just Society, ¡Exprésate! enables the IWMF to expand its support of journalists and inclusive, nuanced reporting in the region. This initiative builds on the successes of the IWMF’s Adelante Latin America Reporting Initiative.

Beginning in El Salvador and Guatemala in 2019, ¡Exprésate! will provide year-long fellowships for 15 journalists from each country. Journalists from marginalized communities will be prioritized, and at least half of all participants will be women. The purpose of these fellowships is to train journalists on how to accurately, objectively, and safely cover LGBTQI+ and gender-focused stories and to create a body of holistic, inclusive coverage. Participants will receive training and support from experts in media and human rights, with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity. This will include a variety of workshops, community forums, security trainings, and collaborative reporting projects and grants, pairing international journalists specializing in these issues with in-country journalists committed to advancing social justice and equality. The workshops and community forums will bring feminist and LGBTQI+ networks together with members of the media to foster open lines of communication, understanding, and greater respect for equal rights. This combination of supporting high-quality reporting and facilitating sensitization through dialogue aims to reshape existing media narratives and to reduce stigma against women and the LGBTQI+ communities in Central America.

The fellowships will be led by local media trainers and supported by expert guest speakers, including women’s rights and LGBTQI+ advocates. Daniel Villatoro García will lead the curriculum development for this program. Daniel is an independent journalist, specialized in research and data methodologies, and works as a trainer for SocialTic and the School of Data in Latin America, in addition to forming part of Visibles.


Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT)

The IWMF is committed to helping journalists improve their ability to report safely through physical and digital security trainings. Throughout 2019 and 2020, the IWMF will train journalists and frontline defenders for human rights in El Salvador and Guatemala.