Risks to journalists are proliferating online and on the ground, disproportionately impacting women, POC and LGBTQIA+ journalists. The IWMF and Trollbusters’ Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Work found that 70% of women journalists have experienced some form of harassment, threat or attack, and a third of women journalists have considered leaving the profession due to online attacks.

At the IWMF, we are committed to providing training, resources and assistance to help journalists, newsrooms and their allies navigate online attacks. Click the links below to learn more about our work to mitigate online violence, including digital safety courses, newsroom safety support, the Coalition Against Online Violence, and the Online Violence Response Hub.

If you need support or want to inquire about newsroom training and policy development, email us at digitalsafety@iwmf.org. For journalists facing immediate physical threats in relation to their work, our Emergency Fund is available to support with legal fees, medical aid, mental healthcare, protective gear and more. 

Created by the IWMF with ICFJ, under the banner of the Coalition Against Online Violence, the Online Violence Response Hub provides women journalists, newsrooms and allies step-by-step advice and resources to combat online abuse.