The IWMF is proud to support reporting of untold stories surrounding Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in the Americas. This initiative supports reporting on issues that impact women and girl’s daily lives in the region, including abortion and contraception access, maternal health, reproductive health policy and abortion bans.

The Latin America and the Caribbean region has the highest rate of unintended pregnancies in the world  and more than 97% of women of reproductive age in the region live in countries with restrictive abortion laws. High fertility rates, high poverty levels, and insufficient quality of care contribute to high maternal mortality rates of which 54% could be prevented by access to quality maternal mortality care and another 29% with universal access to family planning. In North America, racial disparities in care contribute to radically uneven maternal mortality rates for women of color while at the same time, basic reproductive rights are increasingly attacked by national and state policies. Within this regional context, bringing attention to these issues is critical.

Through the Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in the Americas program, the IWMF is funding reporting grants for women journalists and is leading international reporting trips to support and encourage quality reporting on these issues.