Round Earth Media

Round Earth Media, which joined the IWMF in 2019, reaches global audiences with award-winning multimedia journalism. Its distinctive model partners American early-career and student journalists with their in-country peers.  These bi-national teams work together on the same under-reported story, mentored by Round Earth’s veteran journalists.

The program’s support – both financial and personal – begins with story development and continues through the journalistic process to publish or broadcast the stories via media outlets in the United States and in the country where the story is happening.  Round Earth journalists receive unprecedented opportunities to expand their skills and their career development. Our reporting projects range from Africa to Latin America to Asia – and cover a breadth of issues including the environment, politics, gender, health, education, art and culture.  In 2014, Round Earth Media received a shared Peabody Award, broadcast journalism’s highest honor.

New Projects

Haitian Perspectives

Supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF/Kellogg Foundation), Haitian Perspectives seeks to bring global audiences more news stories directly from Haitian journalists. The program pairs journalists in Haiti with editors in the United States to produce diverse and nuanced reporting on Haiti’s most pressing issues. Led by Woy Magazine editors Mélodie and Nathalie Cerin, the program will result in features placed in Haitian and international news outlets.

“We must move beyond the superficial narratives we too often read about in mainstream press. Haitian Perspectives is about seeking truth and delivering reporting from the most foundational source – the people who live the story, here, every day.” – Nathalie Cerin