REM Current Projects

The Asia Reporting Project

Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands and has the largest Muslim population in the world, providing a wealth of important, under-reported stories. We are partnering early-career American and Indonesian journalists, mentored by veteran Round Earth editors with deep experience covering the region. Joe Cochrane, an award-winning reporter for the New York Times based in Jakarta, is leading this project.  Also — beginning in the Fall of 2019, American students and early-career Thai journalists will begin working together to report on environmental issues in this Southeast Asian nation. This program will be offered to students at colleges and universities affiliated with the New American Colleges and Universities (NAC&U). Hamline University professor, Suda Ishida, a native of Thailand and a former journalist for The Nation, is partnering with Round Earth editors on this project.

Luce Foundation


American Creations:  Reporting on Islamic Art and Culture

In an era of misinformation and outrage, one of the most fraught relationships is the one between 3.5 million American Muslims and their neighbors. Our project to report on Islamic art and culture is Round Earth Media’s contribution to addressing that tension.  Time and again, the arts and culture have proven to be among the most effective ways of overcoming misunderstanding. Literature, fashion and food have a role, as well as music, drama, comedy, rituals and celebrations. One of the surest ways of putting culture before a broader audience is to share the stories of the thoughtful, energetic people who create it. Mark Porubcansky, the former Foreign Editor at the Los Angeles Times is leading this project.

DD Foundation Building Bridges Program