REM Past Projects

Haiti Untold

Haiti has a proud history. In 1803, the world’s first successful slave revolt threw off its colonial masters and established the first Black republic. So how did a proud and powerful country become the poorest in the Western hemisphere and one of the most unequal in the world? In Haiti Untold, we answer that question through the voices of people in the urban ghettoes, the upmarket enclaves, and the forgotten countryside.

Immigration Uncovered and Vidas Cruzadas

With vivid, untold stories and an NPR special covering the human experience of migration from Central America and Mexico, our reporting from this project has been recognized at the highest level of the journalism profession.  Our stories from Honduras won a shared Peabody Award “for giving us the economic context and the personal stories behind an international human rights crisis” (Peabody committee).

Mexico Uncovered

The United States and Mexico share deep personal, economic, geographic and cultural connections, but our understanding of Mexico is often limited by stereotype and media exaggeration. Mexico Uncovered is out to change that. Early career American and Mexican journalists produce stories about the Mexico you don’t know, broadcast and published in top-tier media in both countries.