As the nation descends into chaos, the most vulnerable are being forced to flee, creating a migration crisis across the border in Colombia, Laura Dixon writes

First to flee were the well-educated and wealthy, the vanguard of 4.3 million Venezuelans who would seek sanctuary abroad as their nation descended into chaos. With resources and qualifications, they were able to travel through the region and find work.

As hyperinflation worsened, food and medical supplies dwindled in Venezuela, prompting another exodus. This time, those escaping had fewer resources, but perhaps a trade or skill that would help them to find work as they attempted to build new lives in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Lastly came refugees like Julieth Lugo, crossing the border with her disabled baby daughter, with only the clothes in their rucksacks. Ms Lugo said she decided to leave Venezuela when food shortages became so severe that she could no…