3 things we could do better in security as women journalists

During a week, security advisors at IWMF taught us how we could do better with our security during reporting trips. Now I share some recommendations with you:

1. Your hotel door room is always vulnerable:

While I travel I used to close the swinging bar and the chain in the door. I thought I was sleeping securely, but I wasn’t. Someone with just a bit of expertise gained on Youtube could easily open the door.

The security advisors recommended us to use these gadgets. I leave you the links so you can make a decision:

Door stop security alarm


Window/Door alarm:



2. Always use a GPS tracker

We never think that something can happen while reporting. But what if it does and we are not prepared. Having a GPS makes easier to your colleagues at the Newsroom to find the last place you were in case you are kidnapped or disappeared. Two good options they recommended are:





3. Don’t use your complete name in reservations

While you’re staying in hotels, the less information you give the better. So don’t share the name of the company where you work or your complete name. Say: “Make the reservation on the name P. Campbell’, instead of “make the reservation on Ms. Patricia Campbell Smith and I work for Univision”.


Patricia Clarembaux, 2019 U.S.-Mexico Border Fellow