Cartooning from the border

While on this trip, I’ve been drawing some scenes from the border.

We all took part in the experiment in the past few days and drew portraits of each other.

In the image above, you may recognize…:

Juanita Islas, Claudia Gonzalez and Jeff Belzil from the IWMF.

Lujàn Agusti, Tamara Merino, Laura Morel, Léo Hamelin, IWMF fellows

Enrique Parra, Edyra and Luis, IWMF fixers

And the authors are:

– Juanita by Tamara
– Claudia by Laura
– Jeff by Juanita
– Lujàn by Léo
– Tamara by Lujàn
– Laura by Jeff
– Léo by Alice
– Enrique by Luis
– Edyra by
– Luis by Edyra
– Edyra by Tamara

Eléonore Hamelin