Casa YMCA para Menores Migrantes

Casa YMCA para Menores Migrantes is the reception center for unaccompanied boys and girls who arrive in Tijuana. They come from Central America, from other states of Mexico or have been deported from the United States. They are between 13 and 17 and the government does not care about them.


Manuel from Sinaloa tried crossing the border walking for three days on the mountain but the migration police took him and sent him back immediately. A parent’s friend will pick him up to bring him home. Angel escaped the violence of the Maras in Honduras together with his father who is currently in an adult shelter and after 7 months of waiting they got refugee status. They are 16, a half-empty backpack, a mom who can not hug and a single dream for the future: “trabajar”.

-Claudia Bellante