End of chapter one

I just read Siobhan’s post on the violence and rape simulations we went through the other day. Very well written, I could not have expressed it better (especially not in my second language..). Earlier today, as each of us in short words summarized our impressions in front of the group, two words came to my mind: Confidence and Understanding.
This role playing has made me feel much more self confident. From not having a clue about how my mind and body would react and act in types of situations I’ve never been exposed to, I now have some invaluable knowledge and tools to use if it would ever be needed in the future.
I also have a much deeper understanding for people who have actually been taken as hostage or even raped. Feels wrong to say I know how it is, because I still don’t, but I find it easier to identify with victims of such crimes than I did before.
About a year ago I read the book ”438 dagar” (438 days) written by the Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson, who were captured and incarcerated in Ethiopia for 438 days. Even though I found it really strong when I read it, and even though Persson is connected to the same photojournalist agency as me and we have met plenty of times, I now want to read the book again. I would read it differently. Unfortunately for the rest of you, it seems to be published only in Swedish so far.
In a few hours it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing hotel and some of those impressive, intelligent and nice professionals I’ve had the pleasure to meet so far. Let the Tanzania adventure begin!
Moa Karlberg