Fellows on the Ground!

Ki kati!

The first two groups of International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) reporting fellows have touched down in Uganda.

These fellows are part of the African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative. The IWMF is leading simultaneous trips to Rwanda and Uganda this month to explore underreported economic and rural development issues. 

As this group of talented women journalists is pursuing new narratives from the region, they will share snippets of their daily adventures here. 

The work of these fellows is a continuation of the spirit of reporting produced from the IWMF’s fellowship trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014. 

The IWMF will lead groups of journalists to the Central African Republic, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania andUganda in 2015. Fellows will report on the intersections between
conservation and conflict, agriculture and food security, democracy and

Over the next four years,
the IWMF plans to work with more than 350 women journalists to reshape the media
narrative about the region.  

Here we go.