Frank, Eddie and Rafael are Salvadorian deportees

Frank, Eddie and Rafael are Salvadorian deportees. All of them lived in the U.S. most of their lives and call it their home. For different reasons they ended up back in the place where they were born.

When Eddie got back he started thinking right away how to “survive.” He started multiple businesses and in the end he settled for an English school, which has been slowly thriving.

Eddie decided to hire deportees like himself as English teaches, both because they know the language very well, but more importantly because he believes in the ‘Salvadorian dream.’ He wants deportees to reintegrate into Salvadorian society and to use the skills they acquired in the US.

Frank and Rafael are two of the school’s teachers. Under Eddie’s vision, the three men teach English to Salvadorian young men and women, most of whom aspire to work in a call center.

While Eddie and Frank have started families of their own in El Salvador and are committed to staying in the country, Rafael longs for his life in California, where his daughters live. The three however, are invested in the Salvadorian Dream, or like Eddie likes to joke, “to make El Salvador great again.“

– Andrea Patiño